Haven’t Voted YES Yet?

With the postal survey on marriage equality landing in letterboxes around the country, it’s important that you fill in and post your YES vote as soon as possible. Voting YES is the most powerful step you can take to make marriage equality a reality for all Australians.


Find Your Nearest Postbox

Find a postbox near you to get your YES vote in the mail today. To make your vote count, make sure your ballot is in the mail by October 27th. Post it today and help take Australia one step closer to equality.


Lost Your Ballot?

If your ballot hasn’t arrived yet, it may still be on its way! Everybody should receive their ballot in the mail by September 25th. If yours does not arrive by then, you should request a new one.

If you’ve lost or damaged your ballot, you can request a new one from the Australian Bureau of Statistics here any time before October 20th.


Have Some Questions?

If you’re looking for more information about how to vote YES, head to our frequently asked questions or email Equality Campaign at [email protected] .org.au.